~ Ducati-races 1981 Ducati-club Nederland ~
circuit Zolder in Belgium

My first race, geared for 140 mph and using only four gears.  The guy pointing is ORDERING someone to take pole position.  Finished fourth.  Managed to film two rounds of the circuit with an onboard-camera mounted on the right side of the bike, and there are only two turn left.

Me on a 78 Darmah, the ones fitted with the Campagnolo-wheels.  Next to me Eddy on his 900 SS 1975, and yes, he dumped the wire-wheels in favor for some easy cleaning FPS-wheels.

I can't recall which picture we selected, but next to him must be a MHR 900.

These pictures were taken at my first roadrace , organized by the Dutch Ducati-club, of which Ron Verweij should have more information, in the year 1981.  Finished fourth after a restart, due to a rather spectacular exit of the guy behind me who went way to vast through the chicane.  A friend of me was filming the passage of the first chicane, and was smart enough to focus first on me and switch to the guy who went over the top.

And I think he even managed to film the lucky bastard, nearly took me with him, when he was loaded in the ambulance by an pregnant nurse. Pity this was recorded on Super8, but I'm trying to get it on video VHS and perhaps digital in the same time.

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