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Hey Steve, I'll be selling the 750GT with tears in my eyes for a firm 5800.00. 'Could be worse things than having to keep it. If it doesn't sell, I'll be taking it on my annual month long road trip in mid-august. After all, right now, it's almost like a new bike.

Milage was something I never really kept track of on this bike 'cause I thought I would be keeping it forever and give it what ever it needed to keep it going. Besides, there was a period of about eight years where the Smiths speedo was not working and I don't remember what the odometer said when I did replace it. Considering this bike has been to Daytona, Perry Sound, Laguna Seca, Mexico, numerous trips form Wisc. to AZ.(the long way), plus the fact that for a number of years it was my only transportation, I wouldn't doubt it if the total milage was near or at the 100K mark. The current speedo on the bike now reads low by maybe 25%. 'Not a concern to me, cause I'm more interested in a working trip gauge for use as a fuel gauge.

 I bought this bike early in 1975 from a place, which is no longer in business, called Sportsmans Exchange in Milwaukee, Wisc. With not much else to do during Wisconsin winters I upgraded various features through the years. I started this most recent rebuild in May of 2000, and completed it about a month ago. This was the second major rebuild of its life.
 Here are some of the specs.
-- Manuals - I have the original owners manual and a workshop manual for an 860GT as I was unable to get a workshop manual from Ducati for the 750GT at the time I purchased the bike.
-- I replaced the original gauges, handlebar switches and tail light with those off of a Yamaha RD350 'cause the originals crapped out years ago.
-- The fuse box is of the type to accept automotive type fuses (four circuits).
-- Carburetors are 30mm Mikuni's (in place of Dellortos).
-- Intake and exhaust ports are polished.
-- Allison opto-electric ignition w/Crane module.
-- Bronze cast valve covers.
-- Tool kit.
-- 13" Koni rear shocks w/adj. rebound dampening.
-- "kickstand down" alert circuit ( horn is activated when clutch is disengaged with kickstand down).
-- New paint job.
-- New 80,4mm pistons.
-- Replaced (2) valve guides
-- Valve guide seals are automotive type modified to fit
-- New sprockets - 16t front / 37t rear.
-- New o-ring chain.
-- Teflon chain guide case saver.
-- New fork springs.
-- New fork seals.
-- New cushdrive bearings.
-- 5" headlight ( original was 7" ).
-- New Pirelli tires - front 100/90-19 57V MT109 , rear 120/90-18 65V MT108
-- New swing arm bushings and pivot shaft.
-- New regulator.
-- New battery.

All items not new have been either rebuilt or check to within specs.

Thanks Steve. This bike has been with me a long time and I always get off on rambling on about it.

Dan Cooper [[email protected]

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