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Just a note to say hello. I'm from Australia and when looking through your website I saw my race bike. Its the number 16 Green Frame replica. Behind it stands the F2TT600 racer. I thought I would tell you a bit about the bikes. Both are owned by my sponsor. The green frame replica has genuine green frame cases and special bits. It has a highly modified engine and is capable of about 250kmh. It hadn't been raced for many years until I came along and we have some more trick bits coming in the form of VEE TWO race heads and cams. Currently it's running factory Imola cams, slightly ported heads, 990cc, very light crank and that's about it. On the day the photo was taken, which was the Ducati owners club show, Paul SMART was a special guest. He took the race bike for a spin up the road at a very fast pace. I know this as I was following him on a 900 monster. He still rides very well. He commented that it was faster than his Imola winning bike. We took some great photos of him sitting on and riding the bike. I must say how nice a person he was. He spent hours chatting with a few of us and it was truly an experience I'll never forget. The TT600F2 was bought and raced from new by my sponsor, RON YOUNG ENGINEERING. Ron is a specialist Ducati repairer/restorer and well known in Australia.

He is an extremely talented engineer and if needed his address is Gresford Rd, Vacy. NSW Australia. 2421. Ph 02 49388097. (needs the country prefix before).

We are actually racing the Green Frame replica next weekend at Eastern Creek raceway in Sydney. Its a big classic meeting with many international riders attending.

Chris Pickett <[email protected]
Vacy, NSW, Australia.

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