~ 1975 750 GT ~

Vehicle Description
Bodywork: Back to bare metal, two pack red with UV clear coat. New Parts: new tach; new handlebars (Brevettato, same as Laverda Jota); brakes, caliper, braided line and master cylinder; new Bub chrome exhausts; DID alloy wheels, new Dunlop rear tyre (10 miles); Koni shocks; 36mm Dellorto carbs and manifolds; new chain; Single seat; Custom rear sets; plus other stuff. The engine is original and stock except for new rings. This is a Sport replica, all modifications and new parts have been installed (with no cutting or welding) to improve the handling and enjoyment of the motorcycle - all original parts have been kept, these include; dual seat, wheels, Conti exhaust, handlebars, foot pegs and levers, 30mm carbs and manifolds etc. I have ridden over 8k miles on this bike.

Vehicle Condition
This bike had been in storage for some years before I bought it - the speedometer had frozen at just over 12k miles. I found a used speedometer but it displays higher miles than actual. Also because it was stored I pulled the barrels to inspect the bore, looked OK but I installed new rings on reassembly.

Simon Luciow [[email protected]] This bike is For Sale

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