~ 900 Super Sport Race Bike ~


Here are the photos we took last week.  The racer weights in at 374# wet with half tank.  Bike was owned and raced by Art Chambers.  He one at least one AFM championship on this bike.  It also has done well at AMA Nationals.   Engine and frame mods performed by Para Performance, and Ken Augustine.   Transmission is a close ratio from Chris Wermuth of North Shore Gears formerly with webster gears.  Most recently the bike has been raced in AFM Super Dinosaur with Jim Neuenberg in the saddle, a class for street based bikes till 1985.  Jim managed to finish second in all but one outing, when he finished third.  We can't compete with the horsepower of one highly modified FZ 750 yamaha. A refreshed and improved engine is in the works and hopefully will be in place for the start of the 02 season.  We may also switch to 17inch wheels with a wider profile so we can run more modern rubber.  We currently run Avon am22/23 in 110 and 150 width.

John Burkhard
Marin, CA.

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