~ C&J Frameset ~


1, The C&J frame is no longer available. It was made probably 15 years ago. So this is 100% figure it out, starting with a bare frame, swingarm and the brochure photos

2. I need suggestions on Wheels? Rearsets (anyone recognize these? The brochure says they are from a TT1 or TT2. What about the gas tank? Look familiar to anyone? If so where can I get one like it? Suggestions for the chain adjusters? I am going with R1 forks. The weight is close and I can get used cheap.

Background:  Kevin acquired a bare C&J Frame and Swingarm and is looking to build it up into a complete bike.... Kevin has asked that I put these pictures up in the hopes that someone will recognize various parts that make up the bike pictured so he can somewhat end up with a bike of this style..... If you have any information to share, please give Kevin a shout, thanks!

Kevin Bracken [[email protected]]

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