~ GT 750s' and Death Valley ~

Steve, thanks for your interest in my Ducati`s photos. I will round some up to send you. In the mean time here are some taken just last week when a few of us here in Washington took a ''late winter`s'' trip to Death Valley California. Some of the greatest roads and scenery to be had, and NO traffic (or cops!)

  We were three early GTs and one Guzzi 850T thrown in for variety (he`s working on finding a GT). We trailered the Ducatis 950 miles to Lone Pine, through an almost constant snow storm, but by the time we took to the bikes we enjoyed warm weather all the way. We hammered these bikes hard for almost a 1000 miles, a good percentage of that at over 100mph, and had no trouble at all.

 A well prepared GT is a great bike. In the group shot, mine is the green one. It is a two year old restoration I did from a very rough bike I bought out of Arizona. It is a real runner. 

In the photo with the pair of GTs by the big silver tank, we got carried away and had ridden 90 miles out to a ghost town in Nevada. No 750 Ducati has a range for this sort of round trip and we were lucky to get gas from this tank, albeit expensive. The care taker has it on hand for just such cases.


    Steve, we did have a great ride. It is an overlooked area of the country to ride in and I suppose that is a good thing. We are working to put a story together for any vintage magazine (Classic Bike?) who will run it, along with some other photos we have. We`ll see.....

    My GT is a very early `72 (eng.#750377) it has  some of the odd ball details with the cases and some internals. The black one is a later `72, the yellow is an early `73 with the steel tank, but otherwise all the favored GT appointments.

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