~ 1972 750 GT ~

Hey guys. Here are shots of my bike. I'm using Dunlop d81's for about the same reason I use Amals.  I see these bikes as a piece of history. so when i get off of my modern bikes, I can go back and ride in 1972. for better or worse. i bought this bike from dale Keesecker in Kansas sight unseen, but i wanted a gt and he had advertised in Walneck's. he sent me some pictures and i sent him the money.

The bike needed pretty much a total resto, but everything was there. it came to me via ups in six biG boxes.  I used a lot of different sources for original pictures, as i hadn't seen one around here in California. but i wanted it original.

I'm not a zealot, though. i admire vintage bikes that have been updated, but these are time machines for me in addition to everything else they offer. so i resleeved the amals, added k&n's, put a dyna ignition/coils on, re spoked with stainless and everything else is original.  Its been way more reliable than I imagined, and way more fun, too.

My bike has lockheed front disc, amal carbs, ehich is okay, and fiberglass  tank and side panels :-(. anyway, it's been a great bike since restoration,  about 6 years ago. the guy that did the engine, a great mechanic named jack  mccarthy, has moved from california (where i am) to florida. i'm not sure  exactly where he moved to, but i think i can track him down. he had, among other bikes, a 750 sport and a complete basket case early gt that he was always threatening to restore, but i doubt he'll ever get around to it. he might be willing to part with it. anyway, thanks for the help

jon george [[email protected]]

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