~ 1973 750 Sport ~
[recent pictures added 6/28/02]

Hello Steve -
I am on the
(bevelheads) list and am looking for some help. I am in the middle of restoring my old Sport. I has had a custom paint job since 1975.

I would like to use your site to post the attached JPGs. One is a scan of a vintage slide I took in 1976. The other is a shot taken when I removed it from storage in preparation for restoration.

TIA for your assistance.
George Betzhold
Woodland Hills, CA
1973 750 Sport titled as a 1974.

[email protected]

Here is George's bike now that Karl is done with the motor and the paint is finished as well.  2 Weeks till Laguna - there are still some odds and ends to finish up.... expect more pix once everything is DONE! 

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