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  • Remove caps

  • Remove springs and spacers [if any].  New springs are larger diameter but they do fit.

  • Install new springs with close windings towards the top.  

    • CENTER AXLE forks should be within 5mm of top of fork tube.

    • LEADING AXLE forks fit spacer above spring so spacer is level with top of tube.

  • Fit top nut and test.

  • A good starting point is to use 10 wt or ATF [see note below]


Recommended Capacities {per leg}

Fork / Bike Model


31.5mm forks 110cc
35mm Marzocchi 210cc
35mm Ceriani 170cc
750cc - 38mm Leading Axle 280cc
750cc - 38mm Center Axle 210cc
860cc - 38mm Ceriani 180 - 185cc
860cc / SD900 - 38mm Marzocchi 210cc
900SS / Mille / MHR / S2 - 38mm Marzocchi 230cc
SSD Darmah - 38mm Ceriani 190 - 195cc

Richard added:

Note:  The Type F has friction modifiers that are required due to the "band" design of the Ford transmissions. GM and most Chrysler trannys used a more conventional clutch pack and didn't need the modifiers. I would strongly recommend NOT using Type F in forks. It works fine in wet clutch transmissions, ie; two-strokes though. I've field tested both types for nearly 20 years of Sachs/Penton/KTM ownership.   I would go further and recommend the new rating Dexron III/ Mercon as the best ATF to use in any motorcycle application.

Rick [email protected] 

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