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1974 Ducati 750 SS, documents and history from new, Lockheed front calipers and master cylinder, excellent condition, engine rebuilt in Germany. Has German type rubber license plate / taillight bracket. I also have a correct metal license plate / taillight bracket. $28,500. sold

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You have asked me to send you pictures of the 1974 750 SS I have for sale, so, here they are. The enclosed pictures are of one of the two 1974 750 SS's I own. You have posted pictures on your web site of the 1974 750 SS I am NOT selling, and plan to never sell, which has about 1,500 original miles on it and original everything. Thus, its paint appears to be bronze, not silver.

The motorcycle I am selling is a partially restored and very good original bike I purchased from Germany. I have records from new on it. It was bought by an Italian guy in 1974. In the eighties it was sold to a German guy, then later to another German guy. 

I don't know how many miles are on the bike, but I'm told about 10,000. The odometer was replaced with a correct one from another bike and that one reads much higher mileage. The bike has been repainted, but the tank needs to be repainted again, this time sealing the tank before repainting. Gas fumes have bubbled out the tank's paint. The bike has Lockheed front brakes and master cylinder rather than the stock Scarabs; thus, it can really be ridden.

The engine was fully rebuilt by a German Ducati specialist. Other than the tank paint, the bike is in superb overall condition. The rear license plate / taillight bracket is a rubber type typically used on German bikes, but I have the correct, original type. The only other flaw I am aware of is that the center stand ear broke and was re-welded, but the weld was not ground smooth and the center stand was not repainted. This could be because the bike's frame may be the original green paint, I can't tell. So, perhaps no green paint has been done to the bike since the factory. I know the silver paint has been redone, because otherwise it would no longer look silver.

John Goldman

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