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Below are some question/answer threads from the Bevelhead List and other related factoids and tidbits of useful information.  If you have something Bevel Specific that can be used here, please send it to me by clicking HERE.  I need to know what the question is along with all the relevant responses that were given, please include the author's contact information.

General Bevel Drive Mechanical FAQs
Gereral Bevel Drive Electrical FAQs
750/Roundcase Specific FAQs
860/900/Squarecase Specific FAQs
Brake FAQs
Suspension FAQs

General Bevel Drive Mechanical FAQs:

Side Cover Trim - George Betzhold [email protected]  McMaster Carr PN 8507K16. It cost me .86 / foot.

What does DGM stand for - Luca Guala [email protected]  DGM stands for Direzione Generale Motorizzazione (Motoring General Direction - the operative branch of the Ministry of Transport for road vehicles)

Swing Arm Shims -  George Betzhold [email protected]   McMaster Carr http://www.mcmaster.com  has got the shims you will need. I bought some for mine to remove the kind of side movement you are seeing. While I don't have the exact part numbers, the sizes you are looking for are 30mm ID x 42mm OD. Build the stack as you see fit. I personally shot for about .005".

Exhaust Nut Thread Repair - Russ Whitford [email protected] Competition Cycle in Milwaukee, WI does these repairs on a regular basis. I have not used them but have talked with a Mach 1 owner who was very happy with their service. They machine out the worn threads and heat shrink an aluminum insert into the head. The insert is welded around the perimeter and the welds machined off for an invisible repair. The Mach 1 has not had any problems. Cost is $75 and the exhaust nut should be sent with the head to make sure it fits. Call Competition Cycle at 414-672-4010.


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General Bevel Drive Electrical FAQs:

Voltage Regulators - NOEL WATSON [email protected]  The Shindengen (Jap) regulators are great, I have found them to deliver higher charge voltage than Ducati regs (which may indicate a more efficient circuit ie: less internal losses. Where's all the electronics engineers?) and they seem to be very reliable. I fitted one (part no. DU-627) to an SSDarmah today and another to a 1982 SS last week. Both worked better than a new Ducati reg.. Ducati have been using them as their OEM part for some years now. You need to unsure that any reg is mounted where it can keep as cool as possible and obviously your electrics need to be in good order so they don't create extra stress on the system.

750 Charging - Brad Turner [email protected]  I am presently running the ST2 alternator in my 750GT. I have it as part number 26440201A. It is a little wider than the stock 750GT alternator so requires minor fitting. Kent Jornevall originally told me about this mod and indicated he had to machined recess into rotor mounts and use 0.004-005 thousandths washers for stator (could be other way around but you get the idea). Karl at MMS did my installation and said he did minor machining to bevel gears to fit along with altered stator mounts.

I can tell you that I now ride with light on all the time and battery always comes back with a higher voltage charge than when it left, appears to be in charge mode with headlight on (sylvania halogen headlight) at anything above idle. This is a 350 watt alternator and yes it is very expensive. I am using a (I believe) Ducati 748 voltage regulator (bought on ebay for $50) which seems to work fine; it is mounted on the bottom of plastic tray under the seat. Sufficient voltage is no longer an issue!

If you would like further detail please feel free to email me directly. BTW, there is a HP drain penalty of course, and I'm sure one of the math whizzes out there can calculate it for us. I also acquired an additional 26-29 ponies during rebuild so its not an issue here.

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750/Roundcase Specific FAQs:

Seat Trim Screws - Steve Steinbrink [email protected]  The exact screws with thin flat rectangular heads are a BMW motorcycle item part #52531231319 and can be purchased from dealers. I just got a package of 10 from a dealer in Houston for $10.00 including shipping and handling. They were used on the /5 series for seat trim (also the same as Ducati seat trim) and possibly others as well.



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860/900/Squarecase Specific FAQs:



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Brake FAQs:


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Suspension FAQs:


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