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Hello Steve,
I tell you a short story about that bikes. The first Mini Marcellino (Italian) was seen first time in 1967 in Milan Motorcycle Salon. Production rights for Spain were purchased by Dismave company, from Sagunto, small town near Valencia, and they order to build the bike to Mototrans, the Spainish Ducati factory. First Mini Marcelino used automatic clutch engine, both wheels mechanic disc brakes, and no rear suspension.  On 1971 the second model called Mini Marcelino Super appears with rear suspension, new tank, spare wheel, and three speed gearbox. The production ends in 1973.  Currently, this Spanish Monkey Bikes can be purchased for about 600 Euro not restored, running bike.  I know a little more about, but I think is enough. Tell me if you need to know something more about Spanish Ducatis.   Regards, Fernando. <[email protected]

Courtesy: Fernando Garcia <[email protected]

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