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Garage / Storage / Paddock Products for your Ducati

Here you have some maintenance products that are our picks for the best maintenance products for your motorcycle.  This is the good stuff we use.

Storage / Paddock / Transport
Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop Motorcycle Wheel Stand

The CONDOR® Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop is a fully adjustable wheel locking system which accommodates all motorcycles and works on pavement, concrete, dirt, sand, gravel and all forms of transport platforms such as trailers & pick-up trucks. The CONDOR® Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop is a fully adjustable wheel locking system capable of accommodating front & rear wheel sizes from 14-22"/ 80-230W. The patented locking mechanism effortlessly & securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on the ground, in a pick-up truck, or on a trailer. The Pit-Stop also serves as a Trailer-Stop & easily snaps onto trailers with the adapter kit available separately. With the Trailer-Stop, tying down a motorcycle becomes a simple and easy task for one person. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your ride will be once tied down in the CONDOR ® Trailer-Stop cradle. The CONDOR® Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop accommodates bikes up to 3000 lbs., folds down for easy storage - weighs only 21+ lbs. USA DELIVERIES ONLY AS PRICED.

Condor Trailer Adapter Kit [use you stand with your trailer for hauling with this]

This is a nice little bracket with req'd hardware that you can mount on the bed of your truck or trailer, then easily attach your Pit-Stop to it for transporting your bike. Easy to install, easy to haul.

Park-n-Store [garage parking helper]

This very handy gadget goes under your center stand and it's 4 casters allow you to easily move your bike sideways or wherever around your garage.  Makes parking your heavy motorcycle in tight spaces a breeze. Click image for more details.

Guardian "StoreAway" Motorcycle Cover

Protect your bike from dust and dirt when being stored indoors with this cover made of soft, breathable material - won't scratch paint and lets moisture excape. This is a LARGE SIZE perfect for our bevel drives or any other motorcycle [isn;t large enough for full dressers] 2 year warranty. This is the cover I use on my bikes while storing.

Canyon Dancer Bar Harness - Red/Black

We love our canyon dancers and have been using them for years to help tie down out bikes when transporting. Slip the tubes over each end of your clipons or bars and you get a secure tie in point on each side for your tie downs. We use these as a backup to help keep the bikes from swaying back and forth. We also tie down the back of the bike at the frame as well as the front wheel. We don't like to compress the forks very much so using the Canyon Dancer as a backup really works. This kit works extremely well with a CONDOR front wheel stop in a trailer, again as a backup. It is a very nice setup and not to much money either.

Tie Down + Sheepskin Tube Pair

2 each tie downs and 10" long real sheepskin sleeves for the tie downs. Protect your bike with these..... When you order 1 set, you 2 each as shown.

ANCRA Soft Hook Tie down Extension Set [2] 18" Black

Use these nylon loops around handlebars, frame rails, wheels, triple clamps etc to attach a motorcycle tie down to your bike. We have been using these for years as we NEVER will put a tie down hook directly on a bike. These will keep your paint where it belongs etc.... You order 1 kit and you get 2 soft hooks.

Sta-Bil Fogging Oil & Cylinder Protector

Stops corrosion in stored engines and protects cylinders at startup... Coats internal engine components to prevent corrosion during storage, lubricates cylinders to prevent cylinder damage at start up. Remove air filters and spray a bit in each carb of your running engine, yes, while it is running! Turn engine off and spray down into the spark plug holes. For non running engines - just spray the parts, and, spray down spark plug holes in complete, non running engines. We also like to spray this inside steel gas tanks that are going to be stored. Good stuff this is, we love it.

Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer - 4 fl oz treats 10 gallons

Treats 10 Gallons, Prevents fuel deterioration, fuel begins to break down after 60 days. Prevents the formation of gum and varnish. The corrosion inhibitor prevents rust. Protects the fuel system during storage. helps keep the carburetor, fuel injectors, and fuel line clean. It also eliminates the need to drain fuel.

Motorex Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner

Motorex fuel stabilizer is an ideal fuel additive for winter and other long periods of storage. Prevents oxidation and gummy buildup and ensures a smooth start after long periods of storage. 0.125 liter bottle.

S100 Corrosion Protectant

S100 Corrosion Protectant: No matter how clean you keep your bike, you always have to be on the lookout for that dreaded “enemy number one”, corrosion. Unless you live in the desert, humidity, salt air, spring road salt and plain old pollution threaten your bike’s “precious metals”. That’s why we developed S100 Corrosion Protectant. Just spray on a clean, dry bike (or into a cloth) and rub into the areas you want to protect, those sensitive areas like fork tubes, case covers and wheels (and don’t forget those hidden areas you can’t reach.). You’ll find that S100 Corrosion Protectant won’t rub off easily in the rain and so its protection really lasts. It even dramatically out-performed a famous so called “corrosion fighter”, so this is really the way to protect your investment! Important note: This is the perfect product for winter lay up and long term storage. Spray directly on all sensitive areas and allow to dry.


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