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Dellorto Carb Rebuild & Restoration Service
You may purchase parts for your own work or ship me your carbs and I will take care of everything for you. I stock almost everything for PHF and PHM carbs, most of which is listed on my website - click HERE for my Dellorto parts page.

The photos above are a pair of the VERY rare PHM40 carbs only found on 1974 750 Super Sports after receiving our full restoration treatment- can you spot the difference between these and normal PHM 40s?

I offer different levels of service, from a simple rebuild to a concours restoration. 

For the rebuild, I do a simple disassemble, dip, clean, then replace all seals and other parts as needed. For a restoration, I dip everything then give the outside parts a soda blast which makes everything look new again - it evens out the tone of the aluminum even if it is badly stained. I then put your carbs back together replacing all exterior bolts, screws, washers, fuel banjo, carb clamps and bolts etc with new parts so that your carbs will look absolutely stunning.  On the inside, I replace seals, needles, pump diaphram, float needle valve, atomizers, floats etc etc as req'd so that they also perform as new.  Pictures below.

How much does it all cost?

Please look over the the parts page to see costs for parts.  It takes me 2 hours minimum to do a rebuild on a set of carbs and 5 hours minimum for a restoration on a set of carbs. Shop rate is $135/hour plus all parts needed plus shipping back to you.  If you live in California, add Ca. Sales tax of 8.75% to all parts as well.

If this is of interest to you, please send me an email stating your intentions and I will get back to you with the best place to ship everything to.  Then send a signed work request specifically stating your needs along with your carbs to me.  I will eMail or call you once I disassemble them to give you a firm quote for repairs etc along with a timeline for completion.

You may also bring your bike over and I will re-install and properly synchronize your carbs for you once work is complete.

Below are a set of Dellorto PHF carbies off a 1983 Laverda RGS1000 Triple that got cleaned and reconditioned.

Below are a set of Dellorto PHF36HD carbs from an XR-1000 Harley Davidson after receiving a clean, blast, new parts and reassembly.  New exterior bolts etc were installed.

Below are 2 pictures of a set of old style PHF 32s before and after my work.  This was a simple rebuild; disassemble, dip, clean, blast and rebuild with new seals, needles, float needle valves & pump diaphrams.  We reused all the original exterior fasteners etc.

Below are some pictures of a set of PHF 32s & a set of PHM 40s just after the soda blast.  The parts shown here are the only parts that get blasted for a restoration.

Pictures of the old style PHM 40s from above are shown below.  These carbs got everything new on the outside as well as whatever needed attention on the inside.  This level of restoration is deserving of a hopeful 100 point concours bike or for the discerning enthusiast that demands perfection.  They look SHARP and will perform great!  What do you think?

As you can see above, this PHM 40 Dellorto is in perfect condition now with all new exterior fasteners and fuel banjo.  It looks as good as a new style PHM carb [which is currently available] only better - this is an original old style carb with the aluminum top, deep float bowl & 14mm nut, not a new plastic top model.  It along with it's mate was also rebuilt with all new guts.

Below is a set of Dellorto PHF34BD &BS carbs off a Triumph after a clean, blast and reassembly.  All exterior bolts etc were just cleaned up and reused after new internal parts were installed.

I stock and can supply new: float bowl nuts, fuel banjos, banjo bolts, slide/throttle screws & springs, mixture screws, carb clamp, bolt & nut, screws and washers for the pump diaphram cover, top cap bolts, cable adjusters as well as all the interior bits such as slides, needles, float needle valves, seal kits, all jets, atomizers floats, needle clips etc etc  - click HERE for my Dellorto parts page.


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