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Brembo caliper & master cylinder rebuilds and restoration

Confused about how to rebuild your brake calipers or master cylinders on your vintage Italian motorcycle?  Now you can send me your BREMBO components for rebuild or restoration!

Send us your front &/or rear calipers along with front &/or rear master cylinders and we will install all now parts and ship them back to you.  We stock new pistons, seal kits, pin kits, pads, caliper covers, bleed screws, bleed screw covers etc for F08, P108 & F05 calipers along with 11mm, 12mm & 15mm master cylinder piston and seal kits for master cylinders for your bevel drive DUCATI.  We also stock new reservoir cups, bellows & caps.  Of course, if you just want new seals and pads then that is fine a well if that is all that is needed..... we should discuss this once we see the parts.

Cost:  Shop rate is $135/hr + parts as indicated HERE plus shipping back to you.  California residents only add 8.75% Ca Sales Tax to parts only.  For 3 calipers & 2 master cylinders figure around 2 - 2.5 hours labor.  Of course, if you have stuck pistons or broken off bleed screws, stripped out caliper bolts etc, then it will take more time to finish up.

If this interests you, please shoot us an email or give us a call and we will let you know the best address to ship to, depending on the time of year.  Please wrap up all parts in newspaper and seal with plastic bags, then put everything in a big enough box to allow for some packaging material like popcorn etc to be added so that nothing gets damaged in transit.

We will contact you once we get your items to discuss your options.

Above:  front and rear 900SS Brembo master cylinders after restoration which included; refinish, rebuild, new bellows, caps, lever and fasteners. Front got a new resv. cup also.

Above: front and rear 900SS Brembo F08 'shaved' calipers after restoration which included; refinish, rebuild with new seals, pistons, bleed screws, stainless pins & bolts + milled Galfer 'greens' brake pads - ready to install.

Original 900 Super Sport shaved F08 calipers ready to install back on the bike after getting cleaned up & rebuilt.
We installed: new seals, pistons, bleed screws, caps & special thin brake pads.


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