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The (racer's) name is Theo Bult, Dutch 1968 250 CC champion on a 250 CC Hill Ducati.  "Hill" is the translation in English of his surname and sounded good but frowned many eyebrows in those days where people thought he used a tuner from the UK. He once was invited by the Dutch Ducati Club to tell us about his racing career and his Ducati Past. He was working on The Technical University of Twente and tuned the machine in their laboratories. 1969 and 1970 he rode some GP's on two-stroke Yamaha's but stopped racing pursuing his career at the University. Theo was famous for his riding style which somehow was like Paul Smart. I guess I have more clippings about the bike and rider.

Photos: Ron Verweij [ron@verweij66.fol.nl]

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