~ 250 Scrambler ~

Me: Kurt Weir 06/02/52 San Luis Obispo, Ca.
Tye-dye: Isle of Mann TT, 2000.
Bike: 1966 Ducati Scrambler.
Red: Jack Foster.
Those knobby tires had yet to go to track day. 

Ian Ellison took this one of me when he was over from England. He had been riding the Duc. We are on the top of Perfumo Canyon coming over from See Canyon. That is genuine Morro Bay fog to my left.

(Editor comment "I used to live behind those hills behind Kurt's right elbow, 5 blocks off the water in Los Osos....  I miss that place!!")

I don't know why I ever thought I could turn an old Italian dirt bike into a thing of joy, but it has worked out. It is with great pleasure that I report the 250 scrambler made its track debut. This report might ramble a little more than usual, but I'm JAZZED!

I figured in the worst case I could make the excuse that my '66 250 scrambler was a charming pit bike, best suited for putt and pose. Or those darn knobby tires, you just can't push them. Best case would be several riders would be left mumbling about being passed on the outside by a maniac on an old Italian dirt bike with knobby tires.

I am happy (did I say that?) to say, everything worked for the better. The front brake had been a little squishy. Not bad, but not inspired either.

Track day is the perfect reason to make that kind of improvement. So as part of my prep I radiused the shoes with a file. Brakes were never an issue. I would not hesitate to recommend the Pirelli MT90s for your scrambler. I am running 110/80/18 and 100/90/19, with 36psi. I feel it would have been suicide to strafe an apex hanging off flat out in 5th with the Dunlop trials tires I'd been running.

Peace.  Kurt

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