~ 1975 900SS ~


I have attached 2 pics of my 1975 900SS that you may think good enough to add to your gallery.

Iíve owned the bike since 1979 and itís been through a few transformations during that period. All the mods are my own ideas as well as me designing and fabricating some of them.

I raced the bike a couple years, sometimes against riders that were half my age and on the latest SS models, with my bike leaving them in itís wake.

Some specs on the bike Ė

Capacity = 960cc

Dry clutch conversion from VeeTwo Engineering, Perth Australia.

Imola high lift racing cams (Grind = Black / Pink)

41mm Malossi carbs

Custom made pistons to my specs (91.00mm bore).

Lightened (8lbs removed) and balanced crankshaft

Lucas Rita ignition system.

The list goes onÖ..

All the best and I hope you like it.

Tony Gardner     gardner1@internode.on.net

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