~ 1971 Monza Junior ~


Hi Steve,


As a quite new Ducatist I thought you might like to have a picture of the old man (that's me ) on your gallery. I bought the bike a 1971 Monza Junior about six months ago and it has never really gone very well so I took it up to my local wizard Paul Chiappa. an apt name you have to agree, so that he could give it the once over or maybe twice or more. Someone had done some classic garbage re-wiring with every wire in black, clever you have to admit. Anyway after he had worked his magic the bike now goes like a bat out of hell but does not like to tick over at all well. I am sure we will sort this out given time. The bike is going into the Scottish show as I don't think there is another in Scotland. The paint is not too bad but not up to my required standards and is wrong anyway.


I would like a new carb but they seem to be as rare as hen's teeth, so it looks like we will have to make do and mend. I will keep in touch if you are interested and send more pictures when the paintwork has been finished.

I love the site and I am always drooling over some of the pictures.

Keep up the good work,


Alan Hay    alan.hay1@tesco.net


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