~ 1975 860 GT ~

Hello Steve,  A few pics of my 1975 860-GT. I am the original owner;  purchased at Brooks Cyclery in San Jose, Ca. Over the years  I have made several changes to suit my tastes and as basic  repairs. Let's see how many I can remember .............    Conti mufflers (of course), K&N Filters using Darmah intake  tubes, deleted turn signals and horns, lower handle bars with  bar end mirrors added, bogus plastic instrument panel replaced  with simple aluminum panel, ignition system replaced 1x with  Ducati parts and now with Lucas Rita (yes prince of darkness)  conversion, 88 mm Bracken 10:1 pistons, valve job & rocker arms  replaced, new paint (by buddy & me), fried fuse box replaced  with Radio Shack parts, switches replaced with simple toggles,  Mulholand rear shocks, numerous adjustments, tires, oil  changes, etc.    This bike has been a joy to ride and always brings a smile to  my face. It has been all over the Western US, and as far north  as Jasper National Park in Canada. Now that this bike is so  old it is getting a lot of attention on the road. My baby boomer buddies have all bought new Harleys, but they can't believe that  a 30 year old Ducati can still blow them away (particularly in  the corners).

Still enjoying this bike.    Daniel Schumacher dgschu@sbcglobal.net

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