~ Alchemy ~


Hi Steve, Here is the ALCHEMY build, 2.5 years to build.  78 Darmah doner bike, Malcolme and Sydney Tundstall built the 948.  I whittled 130 attachment items.  800 break-in miles and just returned from Hallett Oklahoma track day.  It handles beautifully. 

Vee Two Alchemy:  frame, body, gearbox, clutch, 1990 851 front end, white power shock, 85 Cagiva 18" wheels, 750 F1B brakes.

Home Brew:   center stand, steering stop, damper mount, axles, wheel spacers, rear caliper mount, intake manifolds, exhaust, air cone rolled the muffler, rear sets, foot controls, fering mount, headlight support, gauge mount, rear bump tail, Bevel Heaven case saver, clipons, whittled DARMAH chain gaurd, adapted DARMAH electrics, S-2 tail light, monster headlight.....

Roy Fincham     moonlit@sctelcom.net 

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