~ 1982 Ducati NCR 600SL Pantah ~

Hi Steve,
        I hope you can include my brothers 1982 Ducati NCR 600SL Pantah.  The bike is on a Special lightweigt frame (Aluframe). Apparently there are only 7 of them in Australia I know of 2 existing bike . One full on Blue race bike and my brother Gary's  which is actually road registered . Gowanloch  have 1 fram similar to this which is still not built. The bike seems to be original NCR production due to the following characteristic.
Frame is of very light Aluframe.
Body is of one piece construction fiberglass
Front suspension if Marrzochi (?) with adjustable knobs below 
Rear suspension is single shock absorber
Tank filler cap is race style with automatic closing cap from the inside but which can be locked by a big screwdriver. 
Lockwire all over the place including the small sprocket in the engine. 
Carbys are 40mm pumpers
Exhaust is Staintune with full stainless 2 into 1 
Engine seems to have been worked according to Gowanlochs,  (hardened components)
Special passenger seat . 
All rearset are special made aluminium fabrications
Paint and decals are all NCR proper
One detail that is very interesting is that the inner fiberglass surrounds with rubber attachment in the rear shock contains NCR l logo embosed on the actual carbon fiber.
I am really curious about the history of this particular bike . Do you know of some background to who actually made those frame, where they can be contacted and who raced those particular bike in their days. I have seen other bodywork like this but they are not as authentic looking as this one specially the rear seat which allows for double shock well on the replica production.
I hope you can maybe advertise on your NCR page who might know some background to this bike.

Eddie Vicente GOOFI@bigpond.com 

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