~ 1976  860 GTS ~


The enclosed chain box is not a modified Bultaco or other part, but specially designed and made for the 860GT(S) models (oil filled, about a 1/4 L). For the later launced  Darmah's a grease-type box was available. The German distributor for Ducati in the mid/end 70ties was Zweirad Röth and he asked a German manufacturer, Becker, to design this special device for the 860 and Darmah. Becker had experience with these parts; they made them also for LAVERDA's.  Getting this thing on your bike is another story! Still have nightmares, but with very much patience and good sence I succeeded in the end.  I bought a second chain box second hand and put that one on my 900GTS.  The mileage of both chains is about 65000, no more tensioning, only change the oil.  If you want to know more, don't hesitate.

Ducati 860GTS - 1976
Owner Hans K.Barnar since 1976
Tacho counts 141.000 kms
Close-in chain box, oil
Overhaul: 1 x

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