~ Gary Patton and his F1 ~

This is a pic of myself and Fred Eiker getting ready to attack the Heavyweight twins class 1988 or so. 
Willow Springs International Raceway

The Sunnymead Cagiva pits, I'm #93 so it's 1987. On the end is the new 750 Paso.

This is a studio pic of the new bike and an old barmaid

This is turn 2 on the old Laguna Seca track, first lap of practice.

This is turn 5 at Willow Springs, my first ride on the bike.

This is turn six at Willow Springs with the extra fuel tanks in the tail section for the six hour endurance race, it broke.

This is turn 7 on the Riverside Raceway track, we ran the bike stock for way too long and at this point had improved with the new swingarm and wheels and soon added the TT2 frame. Note the battery under the front of the swingarm. Also I'm wearing my favorite helmet from Simpson. Too bad it's B&W pic, it was a beautiful day.

Photo Courtesy: Gary Patton  socaltjet@earthlink.net 

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