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Hi Ron, Craig, Steve, lovers of Vento

Excuse me for not answering sooner but I've had very busy days lately.  Vento is a bike very much of my liking mostly aestetically speaking, because it's engine on the other hand never gave what it was expected; but for sure it can be improved to the proper standard through some work. It's important to say that it was a very minoritarian sales bike so that not many where produced and today it's not easy to find.

The origin of this model starts when at the begining of the 70', Ricardo Fargas of Mototrans brought from Ducati Meccanica, after superation of some resistence, of a refused tank and seat prototypes sleeping there on a shelf. Whith that they had the dressing of a new bike resolved (all Ventos had alloy wheels). The Vento started production in 1974 when it's predecessor, the 24 Horas, was axed.

Something more about the bevel Ducatis market in Spain it's that we are in an almost crazy hiperinflation (last week a I was offered a 24 Horas for 4500 euros ! ) In the Auto Retro fair there was not any bevel Ducati bike for sale, only parts. Professional -legal or black- of the restoration market are buying everything but you don't see here( in a town so much believer in motorcycles like BCN), practically any bevel Ducati by the streets. Where they go? For vintage racing there's a constant demand of parts & bikes but it is said that many are restored and exported to more lucrative markets.

But any way around 1800 - 2000 euros I believe a Vento ( never mind how but in running condition) can be found. Even thinking that it should be an exportation from a country where few bevels are seen on the roads I conclude that with you guys it will be in loving and good hands. I could help if you really want to go for it.

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