~ Phil Hitchcock's Ducati "Greenframe" ~

Phil Hitchcock teased us the other day......

guys - girls

i forgot to tell you i bought a green frame on the weekend - very rough with lots of parts missing but well worth dragging into the back of the van. missing rear cylinder & head, carbs, seat, footrests & all suspension. no lights or other electrics - tires rock hard. but who cares when the price was under $1000. pic will be going to steve allen in the morning aus time so you can drool over it.

Then the next day sent us another note......

well it only took approx 20 minutes for someone to mail offering to take my new toy off my hands in it's current condition. that was from Europe. this morning i got stacks of mails from usa & oz offering the same deal. sorry it is not for sale just yet. wait until i get the pics posted to see if you are all still keen to buy it. forget to add yesterday that is only has 1pipe & muffler which is painted black. can't get pics done to post today but will have up somewhere tomorrow so we will see if the $$$ offered are still forthcoming.

And today this.....

attached pics of my new green frame ducati. as you can see i did not lie about it's condition.


Ducati diesel engine model 1S9 
bore 75mm stroke 74mm 326cc
9HP @ 3000RPM maximum.
3kgm @ 2000rpm
compression ratio 17.5 to 1
fuel consumption 200cc per hour


Here is the story.......  "I was sitting at the swap meeting on Sunday just about ready to go when a friend comes up & asks me if I have seen the DUCATI green frame. bloody where? - how could I have missed that. So off we go & there it is. after talking to seller we exchange some $$$ & wheel it into my van so it only has 1 exhaust & muffler painted black no carbys, seat, electrics or bodywork, tyres are rock hard. fuel tank is brush painted for under a grand i have a green frame DUCATI. Now would the collector who offered to buy it off me for heaps please contact me again to see if the pics do it justice.

what do you guys think?????

Thanks Phil.

Phil Hitchcock - roadrace@cci.net.au

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