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Very sorry to have been so long (since August 10th!!) in replying to your e-mail asking for details and photos of my Ducs - I've was working away and then I couldn't find any stills!

The MHR is an early import into the UK - registered in Jan 1980. I bought it new and its done 21,000 miles. It was, I think, one of the first steel tanked bikes in the country. Original equipment included Campagnolo Wheels, one piece fairing and separate dual and single seats. It's still as bought except for a 2 piece fairing - although it's very much tattier than it used to be!

The 750S, which I bought new in July '75, is, I'm afraid, a non-runner. It's been lying in the back of my garage for 15 years and is pretty much a basket case.

All the best

John Oven <john@johnoven.force9.co.uk

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