~ 350 Scrambler ~

The first widecase models built were Scramblers. They used the production type chassis and engines but were fitted with (leftover?) '66 bodywork. There is a question as to whether they intended a styling change all along and were just using up old parts or they decided on a styling change later down the track.

In any event legend has it somewhere between 30 and 60 were made, with a significant percentage coming to Australia. I acquired the bike from a known local Ducnut. It was in one piece (motor is in excl cond) but the frame had been (brush!!) painted red, the rear guard was very rough, h/lamp brackets rusted through and the tank was dented. Rims were rough (got a s/h Radaelli from Phil when they seemed to be like rocking horse shit).

It's come up beautifully. Just need a chain guard and a steering damper knob to finish it.

The information on the type/model etc is based on (a) claims by the vendor supported by (b) details in Mick Walkers "Ducati Singles" and (c) direct advise and assistance from Ian Gowanloch (Ian has one of these, but in worse condition than mine was in)

Any better/additional/more accurate information on the model would be greatly appreciated.

cheers, Mark Plummer <markp_au@yahoo.com

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