~ SD Darmah ~

Hey... sorry it's taken me this long to send you pics of my Darmah. Took some conventional film shots and scanned them in (after fixing the damn scanner... have worked with computers for a living for years and I still can't move away from home systems that are kept together with chewing gum  and duct tape). Couldn't do that till today because I was up in Clear Lake, CA (from San Francisco) for a bunch of days doing some dirt bike riding. Good time to be had on my '82 Rm250 (total Mad Max looks, but of the three dirt bikes I own ('79 RM125, '89 WR250), it's the only one that doesn't need anything to go out to the dirt).

I included 13 pics of the bike, including frame, foot conrols and headstock shots. Threw in a pic of my Victor, just for shits and giggles...



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