~ Ducati-races 1982 Ducati-club Nederland ~
circuit Zolder in Belgium

Me on the left with my '74 750 SS Eddy on his 900 SS on the right.  Those days you could have a quiet conversation on your Duc without being bothered.  

Picture of me on the newly (winter 1981) acquired 750 SS.  Bought in a pub from the father of the owner. He wouldn't let his son ride a bike of the same type a fellow-racer killed himself.

A few months later they all moved to GB and I wasn't able to contact them again to get more details about the 'fellow racer'. I've tried everything I could but couldn't get the price down. Paid a hefty 40.000 Bfr. About a monthly paycheck then for me.

Took the bike in april 1982 to the first, and probably only, 24 hours of Imola, see other picture, with open high pipes.  Scared the Swiss so bad they went sour and made all Ducatis obsolete due to noise-control-stupidity.

Next to me again Eddy on his 900 SS

Joseph Ballardini [ducadini@hotmail.com

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