~ 1967 250 DUCATI Mark 3 ~

1967 Ducati 250 Mark 3 - excellent example [text direct from eBay]
Vehicle Description

This is an excellent example of a narrow case, 5 speed Ducati Mark 3. I bought this bike 18 years ago in good mechanical, but rough cosmetic, condition. I restored this Mark 3 in the winter of 2000/2001. The restoration was primarily cosmetic, with new paint (professionally done) on the frame and all body parts, new clutch, brake linings, NOS seat, cables, points, condensor, and new Dunlop K-82s. Non-stock (but period correct) upgrades are Akront rims (quite valuable on their own), stainless spokes, Regina Oro chain, and drilled chainwheel. This Mark 3 has correct clip-ons, rear-sets, rare banana kick starter, and 29mm Dellorto. It's rare to find one of these bikes complete and proper. When originally titled, the data plate on the frame was missing, so the VIN is VA DMV issued (Ducati never stamped their frames). The engine number is DM250M3 94777. It is titled as a 1965, but I believe it to be a 1967.
Vehicle Condition

This Mark 3 is in excellent, but not concours, condition. The exhaust system is original, and chrome on the muffler shows its age. It is missing the plastic button on the Aprilia lightswitch (couldn't find one). I rode the bike a few hundred miles last summer. The engine is strong, the gearbox solid -- in general, the bike is well sorted.

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