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Hi, just to let you know the 900ss featured in Superbike Magazine Feb 85' "Italian stallions" feature is still alive & well, I have owned it for the past 14 years, the first 5-6 it was used regularly for work, though now I am now more a fair weather rider, due to age & kids, it has been allowed to have a rest as I have recently bought a 748 (carbon race pipes, race-pro chip, Hyperpro suspension) just to potter about on, this should allow me to do the "Oldgirl" up, new frame paint, forks rebuilt, Goodridge hoses etc
It had been repainted all black when I got it, I had to rebuild the crank after purchasing it as the previous owner ran it on multigrade which is useless in these engines, straight 50 only or wave goodbye to the big ends and say hello to clutch slip..... in all these years of ownership it has let me down twice, one busted clutch cable (yes a spare was taped to the old one) & a fried voltage regulator, I got a one month speeding ban on it & an ex "neighbour" once called the cops on me because I started it up at 7pm on a summers night and he didn't like the noise....

I met my wife due to the fact she wanted to go on the back, apparently she used to hang about the local bike shop with her mates & wait for the two local Ducati "boys" (my mate had a Hailwood rep) to go past. My wife won't ever let me sell it as she is as emotionally attached to it as I am.

I used to regularly go to bike rallies, yes I got the "surprised it made it" routine from the uninformed, I always got my own back when leaving though, amidst the chatter of Jap starters failing to wake damp engines, a few handful's of throttle, a quick tickle & a damn good kicking, no probs! any of you boys want a lift to the garage :)
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Roland Dyer (AKA Fang) [roland.dyer@virgin.net]

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