~ 1970 450cc Jupiter ~


here are shots of my 1970 450 Jupiter. I`ve owned this one since `76 when I traded a Honda SL70 and $90 for it. It had only 1,900 miles on it then, and still only has around 12,000 miles on it now. It is un-restored and except for the rims and tail light, taken from a 200 GT (these lights came on wide case scramblers sold in Africa!) is 100% complete and correct.

If I were forced to part with all but one of my bikes, this is the one I would keep. Not the fastest Ducati ever made, but certainly a great all around bike to ride. And in spite of the lack of top end power (it is all torque) few bikes will touch it in tight twisties.

Photo: Lorin Smith [landlsmith@msn.com]

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