~ Ivan's 750 wiring diagram ~

Ivan sent this to be added with his diagram....

MY 750 GT wiring diagram is intended for those who wish to build an all new harness. It eliminates the engine stop relay as well as lots of redundant / confusing Italian wiring. It uses mostly upgraded standard fuse block, relays and switches available from most electric or automotive suppliers.

I used a pre-1974 Japanese lefthand handlebar switch which incorporates a headlight switch. There are no provisions for directional flashers. These are pretty easy to figure out, and if there is a request I will update my diagram.

Not shown is a Dyna Charge Monitor which I find invaluable for seeing when my battery is charging.

Coils should be 5 ohm type Dyna black, or use 3 ohm Dyna Green with ballast resistors. Any good 5 ohm coil is recommended, to eliminate ballast resistors. Phil at RRE sells good ones that are much smaller than Dynas. 

Also, my diagram specifies a horn relay. This is unnecessary if you use a small "beep" disc horn instead of the dual FIAMM snail horns I used (I have since replaced these with a smaller and less effective disc horn).

I may or may not have indicated a kill switch on my diagram, as these are different depending on your ignition. Mine uses a Dyna electronic ignition.

This requires an interruptor switch that cuts all power to both coils. I used one from a 2001 Honda XR70 that is a tight fit.

Ivan Thelin [hulagun@hotmail.com]


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